Bronchial Asthma is a chronic disease, which is the result of the inflammatory condition in the bronchi. Inflammation is accompanied by swelling of the mucous membrane in the bronchi, production of viscous secretions and smooth muscle spasm narrowing the airways, which leading to a shortness of breath («asthma» is derived from a Greek word meaning «dyspnea», «to pant»). Asthma

The causes can be divided into external and internal. The external causes include allergens, infections, stress, and medications which may have negative effects on the respiratory organs. The internal causes are the malfunctioning of the immune and endocrine systems, autonomic nervous system, and bronchial hyper-responsiveness.

As the disease progresses, the diaphragm and respiratory muscles stop functioning properly, which leads to a breathing difficulty because of the exhaustion of the respiratory muscles.

In the clinical picture, asthma consists of the acute attacks (gasping for air) and periods between them. Acute attacks require hospitalization and intensive treatment. After coping with acute exacerbation, the patient is prescribed therapeutic exercise in complex with breathing exercises.

Breathing technique using the Frolov’s Respiration Training Device includes the key elements necessary for bronchial asthma rehabilitation: long smooth exhale, voluntary control of breathing, establishing a normal breathing rhythm and lungs extra air removal.

Positive effects of breath therapy with the Frolov’s Respiration Training Device in patients with asthma:

  1. Reduced respiratory muscles fatigue.
  2. Improvement of the ventilation and gas exchange during regular breath exercises.
  3. Immune and autonomic systems improvement.
  4. Reduced inflammatory condition.
  5. Elimination of the shortness of breath.
  6. Increased reserve capacity of the respiratory system.
  7. Less medications required.
  8. Life quality improvement.

Important rules for breathing technique with Frolov’s Respiration Training Device in asthma treatment:

  • Begin the breath therapy without the device — inhale through your nose.
  • The period of adaptation takes 1-1,5 months, after which the device can be used for inhaling and exhaling. The duration of the exhale should be increased slowly. It is important that the body is relaxed during the exercising. If necessary, the evening exercises can be used in complex with inhalation during the day or additional morning exercises.

Another benefit of using the Device is its suitability for pre-school children, pregnant women and patients with concomitant diseases (such as angina, hypertension, hormonal disorders and other diseases).


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