Frolov's Device was introduced at the 3rd Annual Buteyko Educators Conference3rd Annual Conference of Buteyko Breathing Educators Association took place in Toronto, Canada on 25–28 of August 2011. 2011/09/20

A great success story of Daniel Williams who changed his life with the Frolov's device!We are sure there are many stories like this out there, but Elena Williams kindly shared a story of her son so that other asthma sufferers could find some encouragement and hope in it. 2011/08/24

Breathing exercises in sportsThere are no doubts anymore that breathing exercises are necessary in treatment and rehabilitation of asthma. However, people not only get rid of their asthma symptoms, but also improve their physical activity. 2011/07/27

Famous American Martial Arts instructor recognizes the power of breathing exercisesMatt Powell, a successful martial arts instructor from the USA kindly shared his experience on using the Frolov's device. 2011/07/19

First cycle of seminars on Frolov's breathing method was held in EuropeDuring the period of June 23rd to July 1st 2011 Dr. Sergey Zinatulin, Rehabilitation specialist, gave a series of seminars and lectures on the respiratory gymnastics and Frolov's breathing technique in Bulgaria.2011/07/11

Breathing exercises for childrenWhen discussing issues about raising a healthy child we usually talk about healthy eating, day regimen, physical exercises. Unfortunately, much less attention is being paid to respiratory trainings. Usually parents and doctors start thinking about the importance of breathing exercises only when the child is sick with asthma, has had pneumonia or other lung diseases. Scientific and practical experience allows us to recommend regular breathing exercises for treating many conditions as well as use them as an important and effective factor of physical and mental development of a child.2011/04/29

The combination of Buteyko breathing technique and Frolov’s device provides faster resultsIn spite of rapid development of modern medical technologies, different techniques of physical trainings and alternative medicine are keeping their importance for rehabilitation of patients, prevention measures and providing high quality of life. Different breathing practices have significant importance in this area. They can be viewed both as a part of classical medicine (physical therapy) and as a version of alternative medicine.2011/02/23

A book by Dr. Sergey Zinatulin "Рneumobalance – die Methode der balancierten Atmung» was published in GermanyAll the material in the book is based on many years of research and practical work on the application of a new model of the Frolov’s Breathing Device.2011/01/26

Frolov’s Respiratory Training Device from Novosibirsk becomes popular in CanadaExperienced breathing exercises practitioner and trainer gives high grade to the new model of Frolov’s device2010/11/15

Frolov’s Respiration Training Device Approved in EuropeEuropeans have always valued a healthy lifestyle. No wonder the effective Frolov’s Device activating the body’s self-cleaning and self-healing functions has been highly appraised in the European Union.2010/09/20