Frolov’s Respiration Training Device Approved in Europe

Europeans have always valued a healthy lifestyle. No wonder the effective Frolov’s Device activating the body’s self-cleaning and self-healing functions has been highly appraised in the European Union.

Frolov’s Respiration Training Device Approved in Europe

In August, 2008, a group of enthusiasts from Kamen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) organized a breath therapy club and started practicing breathing exercises with the Device. In two years the club grew into an organization represented in 6 cities in Germany. “We regularly organize conferences and roundtable discussions introducing the Device to the public. We also take part in traditional “Health Day” events in different German cities. Our main representative A.Mill even received a nickname from journalists — ATEM-DOKTOR (ATEM — breathing). Our presentations always evoke a wide response from the public, encouraging patients to organize new groups. Today 6 cities in the region already have their own SHG groups of patients (S —selbs (self), H-hilfe (help), G-gruppe (group),” says one of the movement activists Eleanor Verner.

The results reported by SHG are truly amazing. The benefits of the regular exercises include blood cholesterol reduction, normal blood pressure, varicosity elimination, improved thyroid gland and digestive system functions, repaired vocal cords, improved snoring and quitting smoking.

“Breath therapy with the Device has proved to be successful in the treatment of asthma, especially in children, myoma, prostatitis and menopause. It also helps your body to get rid of the renal calculi (kidney stones) and sand in the organs as well as to improve joint health,” says Ms.Verner.

This year Eleanor’s group has organized “respiration” seminars Atmosana for the medical workers. The seminars drew attention of specialists interested in drug-free treatment, physiatrists and fitness instructors interested in improving their sports achievements with the help of the Device.

Respiration school is organizing different events during the year. The organizers plan to continue the seminars in the summer 2010 and then in the year of 2011. Anyone who wants to join the club in Germany can find more information at