A book by Dr. Sergey Zinatulin «Рneumobalance – die Methode der balancierten Atmung» was published in Germany.

Frolov’s Respiration Training Device Approved in EuropeA book by Dr. Sergey Zinatulin «Рneumobalance — die Methode der balancierten Atmung» was published in Germany.

All the material in the book is based on many years of research and practical work on the application of a new model of the Frolov’s Breathing Device. The book is addressed first of all to those suffering from any respiratory related diseases. Following it’s recommendations and using the Frolov’s device one can get rid of such dangerous symptoms as bronchial asthma, hypertension, stenocardia, improve nervous system (sleeping, mood, memory) as well as metabolism and even quit smoking.

Simple techniques described in the book will help improve health of even elderly people suffering from chronical diseases, decrease the amount of medicine intake and increase body life span. For many years author of the book Dr. Zinatulin has been paying special attention to improving health of children and pregnant women using breathing exercises. He shares some advices for children and future mothers in his book.

People with good health leading an active way of life will also find the book useful, as it also describes the method of performing breathing trainings for sportsmen. This technique increases spare capacities of the body and helps achieve better results in sport without any doping. Dr. Zinatulin gives numerous scientific facts as well as real life examples that show the importance of respiratory exercises for every single person and help successfully master breathing exercises skills to improve quality of life.

By using the Frolov’s device and following recommendations of Dr. Sergey Zinatulin, readers will learn how to get rid of many diseases, slow down the aging process and gain more health and vigor! The book came out in Germany in January 2011 and was published by «Books on Demand» BoD (www.bod.de).

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