The combination of Buteyko breathing technique and Frolov’s device provides faster results.

In spite of rapid development of modern medical technologies, different techniques of physical trainings and alternative medicine are keeping their importance for rehabilitation of patients, prevention measures and providing high quality of life. Different breathing practices have significant importance in this area. They can be viewed both as a part of classical medicine (physical therapy) and as a version of alternative medicine.

Buteyko breathing technique was developed in Novosibirsk, Russia in the second half of twentieth century and is now known and used in many countries. Application of this method shows the necessity and effectiveness of breathing trainings in the treatment of respiratory related diseases, blood circulation and others.

During the last decade modern method of respiratory training with the use of Frolov’s breathing device, also developed in Novosibirsk, became popular in Russia, Europe, USA and other countries. The design of the device and it’s application allow to easily master breathing technique and improve such conditions as asthma, allergy, insomnia, hypertension and other. This unique method is suitable for children, elderly people and can be used by sportsmen to improve their physical parameters.

The experience of application of these two techniques has shown an opportunity for their effective combination. Exercises with the Frolov’s device are normally done in the evening before going to bed, while practicing Buteyko is usually done during the day. With such combination positive effects of both techniques perfectly complement each other. This is proven by our own experience as well as by the experience of our partners, such as Artour Rakhimov ( and Lise Windfeld Bornerup ( who are successfully applying both techniques when working with their patients.