Breathing exercises for children.

When discussing issues about raising a healthy child we usually talk about healthy eating, day regimen, physical exercises. Unfortunately, much less attention is being paid to respiratory trainings. Usually parents and doctors start thinking about the importance of breathing exercises only when the child is sick with asthma, has had pneumonia or other lung diseases. Scientific and practical experience allows us to recommend regular breathing exercises for treating many conditions as well as use them as an important and effective factor of physical and mental development of a child.

Respiratory trainings can be used in children starting from 3-4 years old. They increase strength and stamina of respiratory muscles, provide necessary physiological reserves for physical activities. Breathing exercises also help correct speech pathologies and play important role in neuropsychological development of a child. It is mostly due to the influence that respiratory exercises have on vegetative nervous system and brain function and, as a result, on psycho-emotional state of a child.

Application of the Frolov’s Device allows to simultaneously use several factors in the process of training, easily adjust the intensity and perform exercises in a form of a game in a group of children. Our partner in Czech Republic — Centrum zdraví is already successfully using this practice when working with children.

This method provides excellent results even in case of severe bronchial asthma and Dr. Elena Williams (USA) gives example of her own son:

«My son is 13y. o. He has had respiratory problems since his very first weeks of life. Hospital was our second home for the first 3 years. He was diagnosed with asthma basically since age one and till age 13 he was constantly prescribed steroids and bronchi dilators. I’ve discovered Frolov’s Training device in august 2010 and since that time my son has been using the device. We completely stopped taking medications. I officially refused prescriptions in August. My son is under care of his amazed pulmonologist and we’ve already had two pulmonary tests that proved lungs are clear and healthy and there was not even once use of any meds neither steroids nor albuterol since August! In addition to all that, he lost 17 lb after the first three months of breathing! He feels stronger healthier and more confident. He is now meds free and asthma free! Thanks to this device! It is device for having LIFE back!»

We will be happy to help with children rehabilitation and organization of rehabilitation programs.