First cycle of seminars on Frolov's breathing method was held in Europe

During the period of June 23rd to July 1st 2011 Dr. Sergey Zinatulin, Rehabilitation specialist, gave a series of seminars and lectures on the respiratory gymnastics and Frolov's breathing technique in Bulgaria.

Many doctors and health professionals from Sofia, Varna and Burgas took part in these seminars. Frolov's breathing technique and Frolov's device attracted a vivid interest of doctors and many decided they want to try using it in their practice.

Dr. Zinatulin also gave consultations to people already using the Frolov's device and those who are only planning to start respiratory gymnastics, on the application of this method for treatment and prevention of different diseases and conditions.

As Sergey Zinatulin noticed approximately one person in three was interested particularly in prevention of diseases and improving their overall health while they didn’t develop any chronical conditions. These were mostly people of 35–45 years old. Dr. Zinatulin thinks that taking preventive measures is a common feature of many Europeans that also reflects the current tendency of using alternative drug-free methods to avoid any serious conditions in the future.

On June 23rd Dr. Zinatulin also gave a presentation of his book «Saved by Breath», that was recently translated and published in Bulgarian language, in one of the main bookstores in Sofia — «Penguins». The book gives specific practical advices on using respiratory gymnastics for treatment and prevention of different conditions based on real life examples. Currently besides Bulgaria the book is also being sold successfully in Germany and Austria.

Based on the results of the seminars a joint program on patients’ rehabilitation with the use of the Frolov's device is now being developed in Rehabilitation clinic and several health centers in Bulgaria.

In the future Dinamika LLC plans to give such seminars and lecturers in other European countries as well as taking part in different international conferences.