Frolov's Device was introduced at the 3rd Annual Buteyko Educators Conference

3rd Annual Conference of Buteyko Breathing Educators Association took place in Toronto, Canada on 25–28 of August 2011.
Such experts in the field of restorative breathing as John Wilson, Hadas Golan, Jan Lueken, Robert Litman, Peter Colb, Lise Windfeld Bornerup, Christine Bauman, Patrick McKeown and others participated in the conference.
Authors gave talks and presentation on different aspects of breathing trainings.
Presentation of Lise Windfeld Bornerup on Frolov's Respiration Training Device attracted interest and received positive feedback from the attendees. Lise talked about main aspects of application of the Frolov's device for adults and children with different diseases, principles of it's integration into Buteyko breathing practice and the benefits for patients.

Combination of these two methods is especially recommended for those patients, who can be of a risk group (patients with several severe diseases or with special phsyco-emotional conditions). It can be very beneficial, for example, for people with combination of such diseases as bronchial asthma, ischemic heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.
People with minimum physiological body capacities (i.e. people over 60 years old) will also be able to learn the correct breathing pattern easier with the Frolov's device.

Many Buteyko Breathing specialists recognized the benefits of the Frolov's Respiration Training Device and noted they are going to recommend it to their patients.
At the moment, Rehabilitation specialist of Dinamika Co, Ltd. Dr. Sergey Zinatulin is working on the development of a more detailed program for effective combination of these two breathing techniques.

Sergey Zinatulin started his practice in the field of recreational breathing back in 1987–1988 when he took the courses of Konstantin Buteyko in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Starting from 1997 Sergey Zinatulin has been studying and researching application of different breathing devices, respiratory kinesitherapy, develops different variants of respiratory trainings both with and without special devices. His main focus is treatment and health improvement in children. Dr. Zinatulin is also the author of several books on respiratory trainings. During the years of 1999–2009 he has been taking part in many health TV shows on central television in Russia.

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