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It is very important to maintain a certain breathing rhythm, structure of a breathing cycle and PRA during trainings. This simple “Breathing Timer” will help you control and regulate breathing during trainings with the Frolov’s Respiration Training Device.


  • set PRA duration;

  • set inhalation time;

  • set exhalation time;

  • set abdomen draw-in time;

  • displaying of all PRA in sections;

  • displaying of a certain PRA section;

  • displaying of a current training time;

  • ability to pause the Timer;

  • Program window auto-scaling;

  • Intuitive and friendly interface.

We hope that this program will help you make your trainings even more comfortable and effective, be you a beginner or a professional user.

To install the program, you must first download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, which can be downloaded here.

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