I can't believe how much Frolov's device has helped me in 2 short months...I did classical Buteyko for 1 year prior to using the device and was able to completely stop using steroid inhalers after 6 months, however now I have improved beyond my expectations and am sometimes able to forget that I have Emphysema with 50 per cent lung capacity. This must be every ones dream if they suffer as I did. Frolov's device has been a wonderful tool am am so happy to have found it…

C.R, France

I began using the device over a year ago the feeling of well being I get after the breathing exercises are incredible. Not only is my breathing slowing down but my blood pressure and resting pulse drops considerably through consistent use.

I am probably not the typical age of most users of the product since I am 39 years old. I had experienced 2 lung collapses when I was 21 and had surgery to repair the lung at that time. I was left with scar tissue and a more constricted lung volume than before and it had led to significantly dimished personal health on my part. I was also a smoker for many years which exacerbated those conditions. Because of my inclination for research and my strong desire for better health, I finally happened upon The Frolov device and believe now that I can one day again have big and healthy lungs which we all know is a harbinger of longevity and well-being.

Erik Galardi, USA

“I began using the Frolov device in 2000 in coordination with my martial art training. I heard it mentioned by a teacher of mine and decided to buy one. I noticed the benefits immediately for my overall respiratory health. I just felt better….While on a trip to Krasnodar, Russia to study Kadochnikov Style the 80+ year old father of one of my instructors showed me his older Frolov device (which dwarfed mine in size) and amazed me with his breath control. He had used it daily for years and he was quite proud of the results! I knew I was onto something and used my device religiously — it helped my endurance, strength training, timing my breathing.

Everything increased for my respiratory training, my heart rate was much more manageable. I have also used it with my celebrity clientel. In 2002 Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges became a client of mine. I only had one Frolov device at the time and I gave him mine with instructions for him to use it daily between training sessions. I really believe it made an impact on our sessions together. I have used it with another of my clients, Carly Krantz, a singer, and know it has made an impact on her breath control vocally and for performing. For me, this has always been a great product!”

Matt Powell, USA

“Training with the Frolov’s device is like training in the gym or doing physical activities in general. It gives me very good stimulating effect. Having tried it myself, I now teach my two sons (6 and 8 years old) to exercise with the device too. So far they love it!”

Boyan Dobrenov, Bulgaria

“I’ve been using the device for almost 6 months already. I work a lot, so I can’t exercise in the evening, but I try to train in the morning for 20-30 minutes. I don’t have any chronic diseases and I do breathing exercises to improve my overall health. One of the benefits I definately notice is that after morning trainings I have energy the whole day and before I used to get tired quickly.”

Gisela Zheykova, Bulgaria

“Few years ago I was under huge stress. I didn’t even noticed when I became over-breather. Even my stress was gone I was feeling very sick and nobody knew how to help me . One day I have meet breathing therapist on my visit in London who said that I was blowing out too much CO2 ( hyperventilating ) .He advised me to use Frolov breathing device together with some Buteyko exercises to normalized my blood gases. That was it! After 2 months of using Frolov’s on empty stomach twice a day, I started feeling like my old self again.”

Mateusz, Poland

“Hello I am a 35yr old male who sent a question to you back in October and I was instructed to do inhalations with the lavender oil & the easy mode of training has worked out very well. It is February now I am training 25 min with a PDA of 30 sec. The increase in energy is amazing, areas like my low back & hamstrings are also looser. Further I practice a form of midfull meditation in the morning & night for 20 min to 1Hr, at night I do the meditation after the Frolov breathing & my focus is laser like. Thank You very much for the advice & the amazing device”

Peter, USA

“I am using the Frolov’s device to cure my bronchial asthma and after one month I can clearly say, that I am very amazed, because the results are really good! Best regards from Slovenija”

Robert Lisac, Personal trainer

“Hi, I have been using the Frolov’s breathing device for a couple of years and the training has greatly improved my level of health. Thank you very much!”

David W Whittaker, Gowanstown, Ontario, Canada

“Dear Doctor, thank you very much for your consultations. I train using 24 ml of water and my exhalation time is 30 seconds. I usually exercise daily for 20-30 minutes. My headaches are almost gone, I feel more energized and sleep better. Special thanks for your help and recommendations for my little daughter. Elsa is 9 and during the last 3 years we have tried everything to help her with her asthma. We have spent lots of money, but could only «breathe freely» again after she started exercising with the Frolov’s device. For the first time in a long period I could really take a rest and spend some time at the sea together with Elsa! Thank you”

Irina, Hamburg, Germany

“Hello, thanks to exercises with the Frolov’s device diaphragm breathing is a norm for me now. I almost forgot about my blood pressure pills that I used to take daily (now I take just one a week). Now I have a new goal — to decrease the dosage of my prostate medicine. Good luck in your very necessary job”

Robert Svetlitsky, USA

“Personally I’ve been breathing with device for about six weeks now and my PDA is about 50-58 sec. I’ve been breathing in the morning and before bed for about 35-40 min. You can tell that I am very excited about my results just can’t wait till I get to 70 sec. I also have a son who had been diagnosed with asthma condition since he was one year old and now he is 12. After breathing with the device for 20 days his lung function has improved by 16% and he was not prescribed with steroids for the first time in his life!”

Elena Williams, Denver, USA